The Ponteland Community High School Yearbook


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this?
A: This site has been created to allow people to download the full version Ponteland Community High School yearbook

Q: What is a PDF file?
A: A PDF (Portable Document Format) file, is format created by Adobe in 1993 designed to allow documents to be desplayed on a computer the same way it would if it had been printed.

Q: Why are there adverts on this page?
A: Well, nothing's free, right? We are able to give you the yearbook for free, but these adverts should pay for the running costs of this site, they have been designed to blend in with the layout of the site.

Q: How do I contact Mr/Mrs. Someone at the school?
A: This site is not directly connected to Ponteland Community High School in any way, you will probably find going to their website more useful:

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